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Fay is an amazing SIM game like no other! Everything about it is unique and fun. The community is very nice and welcoming to new players I would recommend it to anyone!

Katie (#112)
Whimsical, unique and addictive! Fay is perhaps the most original sim I have had the pleasure of playing. Here players may raise their fays to cast powerful spells, battle good or evil and compete for top fairy. Gameplay is engaging and fun, and the community is fun and inviting. Fay is a treat not to be missed!

Breeze (#8)
FAY! is a fantastic simulating Fairy SIM game. I haven't seen many games like it on the net and I don't think you will. FAY! has a great family feel community along with a loving caring admin and staff that are active and always around. I would reccommend FAY to anybody who would like to play. It's new and fresh and has a whole new world awaiting you.

Krazy (#27)
Fay-Sim is a one of a kind, extremely unique online sim game! Is it a dog? Is it a horse? NO it’s a fairy!! ^^ Here you can raise and train your very own fae and with new features being added all of the time, a welcoming community and friendly, active staff there is never a dull moment on Fay. What I love about the game is the fact that everyone is incredibly kind and that is very easy for you to get involved into society. I also love that fact that a lot of the features are very different from any other sim game I have played!

zGal (#18)
I can honestly say Fay is the best SIM game I have played. It has the whole package. It is original, challenging, fun and updated regularly.

Spark (#120)
Fay is that one of a kind SIM. Fay has active staff that cares about the community as well as an active community. Here Fay players get to take care of fairies instead of the average cat or dog. Fay has different and new features added everyday that make the game even more addictive to play. If you are looking for something new and unique, I recommended Fay!

Island Breeze (#5)

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